Globe's Go Sakto - Trying to Create My Own Promo

An officemate approached me, inquiring about Globe's Go Sakto? And I, shamefully, was caught unaware. This should not be the case if I intend to be a good prepaid cellphone load seller. Here's what I did afterwards...

Go Sakto is Globe's service allowing its prepaid subscribers to create their own promo whether for calls, text messaging or for mobile internet consumption.

The idea of flexibility in choosing what you need out of your cellphone is very welcome to all of us prepaid users. We have to, even reluctantly, admire Globe for coming up with this.

Go Sakto - Globe's Create your Own Promo

Go Sakto Screenshot from Globe's Website

So, I immediately tried Go Sakto, opting for unlimited text messaging to all networks for one month. Here's what Globe is offering me to avail of such service:

Globe is charging me Php 466.00 for unlimited texting for 30 days. As far as I know, Globe's unlimited text to all network for one day is 25 php. If you multiply that by 30 that would be Php 750.00 plus the inconvenience of having to register daily for the service. With this example, Go Sakto afforded me some Php 284.00 savings. And since I am a loadxtreme dealer/retailer, I will save an additional 46 pesos.

Not bad!

Unfortunately, Go Sakto does not offer unlimited call to all network. What it offer is only 500 minutes worth of call to all networks. And if you want to avail that plus unlimited text to all networks, that will cost you a whopping Php 7, 333.00.

Admittedly, my experiment is kind of demanding. Hehehe!!!. For the meantime, I will prefer using my sun sim and load only my Globe sim as needed.


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