Into BITCOIN via

I am now officially into BITCOIN. Thanks to my best buddy, Ranel, via Coinsph.

Honestly, I just signed up with CoinsPh because of my bestfriend and to take advantage of the free 50 Php which I intend to use as my prepaid mobile load.

But more than that, it led me to world of cryptocurrency,  BITCOIN.

It's quite a new concept that I cant keep my curiousity.


GOCOMBOIJHD95 - My Current Globe Prepaid Subscriptions

For my Globe prepaid, I used to avail of GoUNLI50. But recently, I learned of a better promo to avail - GOCOMBOIJHD95

GOCOMBOIJHD95 allows me to enjoy unlimited calls to Globe/TM subscribers, unlimited text to ALL NETWORKS for a week. Plus, it offers 100 MB surfing & free Facebook. All these for only Php 95.00.

Whereas, GoUNLI50, only allows 3 days of unlimited calls to Globe/TM subscribers, unlimited text to ALL NETWORKS.

Comparison by simple computation; I spend almost 17 pesos per day for GoUNLI50 compared to a slightly lower 14 pesos per day for using GOCOMBOIJHD95.

Since, I used my globe sim in my back-up phone, I can't really tell if the free 100 MB and Facebook is similarly enjoyable.

For my fellow Globe prepaid subscriber, I suggest you try this new promo package - GOCOMBOIJHD95


Load Wallet Replenishment Via Bank Directly Credited to Our LoadXtreme Account

LoadXtreme or LX Corporation now finally offers direct load wallet replenishment via banks.

Meaning, the amount you paid will directly be credited to your retailer/dealer account. Finally, after 8 years of being a Loadxtreme retailer/dealer. Hahaha!!! Sorry, can't help being critical. As they say, it is better late than never.

But wait....

There's one caveat.

Doing this kind of hassle-free load wallet replenishment costs you another Php 10.00.

We might as well replenishment more than 500 pesos load wallet. So that we can save ourselves the trouble of going to the bank on more occasion and the corresponding fee every time we do so.

For those of us who consider 10 pesos a big deal, we may still continue to do the former bank replenishment steps. Check load wallet replenishments via banks the usual way here.


LoadXtreme's Load Wallet Bank Replenishment Update, or should I say LX Corporation

Gladly, I did check out the LoadXtreme website today.

There was a pop-up notification box informing me of LoadXtreme's new information on load wallet replenishment via banks.

Hopefully, all loadxtreme dealers & retailers get to be informed of this:

The most significant change is the account name. From Vmobile Technologies Inc. to LX Corporation. The change in company name probably required new bank accounts.

I hope that LX Corporation conduct SMS notification to all members for vital info such as this one.


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