Nokia 220 Dual SIM - My Secondary/Back-up Phone

For quite sometime, I am on the look-out for a secondary mobile phone or a back-up cellphone. A basic phone as my communication tool at work. I have settled with a Nokia 220 Dual SIM.

Since I bought my ASUS Zenfone 5 last April 2015, I have misgivings about continuing this blog. Obviously, cellphones have been overtaken by smartphones. But as I found out smartphones have limitations.

With a lot of applications running, my smartphone tend to lose its battery charge quite easily. I often find myself unable to make an important call. Worse is when my smartphone dies while my boss is calling. Tsk! Tsk! A secondary phone is indeed very, very necessary in my case.

Nokia is the only brand looked for. In my search, I've noticed that there are now few stores that sell Nokia and they even offer fewer models Nokia models.

I settled for a brand new black Nokia 220 Dual SIM because it addresses all my needs for a back-up phone. Foremost of which is battery life. Nokia's reputation for talk-time & stand-by-time is legendary. For this unit, talk time is 15 Hours while stand-by time is 576 Hours.

My next consideration is the added functionalities that Nokia 220 offered - dual sim, basic camera, basic internet capability and even a flash light (called torch).

Lastly, I am banking on Nokia's history of durability for its line of cellphones - think circa Nokia 3210.

There are many advantages of having a secondary or back-up phone unit. It's up to you to chose the one best suited for your needs.

For me, its Nokia 220 Dual SIM.


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