Smart Bro Internet Connection Problem with Error 619

Yesterday, I've encountered my worst Smart Bro Internet Connection problem.

Around 9 am, I loaded my Smart Bro USB modem with 200 peso worth of credits via loadxtreme. Then, I availed of Smart's Unlisurf 200 for 5 days of passable smart bro prepaid internet connection.

But when I tried to connect to the internet, I encountered error 619. I gave up after a few more tries at redialing to connect, thinking it would only be temporary and proceeded with other things to do.

Only to find out that Smart Bro and Error 619 would frustrate me the whole day.

Smart Bro frustrated me yesterday.
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Internet connection is very important for me because I send my job applications online plus I'm blogging to make some money online.

So, you can imagine my frustration when this error persisted before I took my lunch and for the rest of the afternoon.

Smart Bro Internet Connection Problem with Error 619
Error 619: A connection to the remote computer could not be
established so the port used for this connection was closed.
Thinking that my Smart Bro wireless USB might be the problem, I uninstalled and reinstalled the application. Then, I used my antivirus software and ran a full system scan.

On a desperate attempt to try other things, I connected my Smart Bro USB modem interchangeably among my netbook's other USB ports. Also, I added some prepaid load. All to no to avail.

Late yesterday evening, I decided to go to the nearest internet cafe. I accessed my registered Smart Bro account and filled out the Request Technical Support form where I was promised to be contacted within 24 hours.

Early this morning, I received the following SMS message from sender. - Cust.Care:
Good day. Regarding your Smart Bro prepaid account. Adjustment has already been done on your account, kindly monitor your connection. If you need further assistance, pls call *1888 using a Smart cellphone or 6727277 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-106727277 thru a PLDT landline w/ NDD. Thank you.
True enough, I was finally able to connect. And when I checked my balance, my Smart Bro's prepaid credit remained the same and my UNLISURF subscription was adjusted to last until 3 PM of July24. Thankfully, I no longer need to contact the smart bro customer service hotline.

To be fair with Smart Bro and its customer care department; the action, the sms message and the adjustment made for my concern deserve to be mentioned here.

[I now have a theory that the Request Technical Support Form works better than the Smart Web Connect Aftersales Requests Form I used for my Smart Rewards complaint.]

This experience has convinced me that my Smart Bro prepaid's reliability will not be suitable for any work-at-home internet connection requirement.


palaboy™ said...

my smartbro internet connection is really bad... especially whenever after the last typhoon...

Sep said...

It annoys me to know that you need to contact them for that adjustment. It's just not right. I spent almost the whole night just to connect. I was patient enough to try and try to the Nth time. perhaps about a 50 tries or so. It really annoys me. I'm thinking of having tattoo as a back-up. If tattoo works better, I'd be fine with it and throw away (or sell, hehe) this sometimes-useless broadband stick.

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