My Globe My Rewards Promo Can Bring You These Exciting Items

For Prepaid Globe Mobile Subscribers, you can redeem these exciting rewards through Globe's My Rewards, My Globe prepaid promo.

Know what exciting rewards await those Globe prepaid mobile subscribers who frequently reload their cellphones.

The My Rewards, My Globe promo rewards prepaid subscribers - who regularly reload their cellphones with prepaid credits - with a corresponding amount of points per reload value. These points can then used to redeem items or discounts.

My Rewards, My Globe PROMO
Redeemable items include SM Advantage Card points, gift checques, prepaid products, Nokia Cellphones and Electronic gadgets. The succeeding list is a more complete list of the exciting rewards from Globe.

Here are the exciting rewards you can redeem, the number of points needed to redeem them and the corresponding item codes:

Shopping & Dining Rewards

SMAC200 = 260 points
SMAC500 = 650 points
SMAC1000 = 1300 points
SM GC500 = 600 points
SM GC2000 = 2125 points
SM GC3000 = 3150 points
SM GC5000 = 5150 points

SODEXHO GC1000 = 1250 points
JOLIBEE GC500 = 600 points

Points accumulated can be used for redeeming SM Gift Checques or be converted to SM Advantage Card points, both of which can then be used for shopping in SM Supermalls.

Prepaid Mobile Load Products

SULITXT15 = 15 pts
IDDSUKI20 = 20 pts
IDDSUKI30 = 30 pts
UNLITXT20 = 20 pts
UNLITXT40 = 40 pts
UNLITXT80 = 80 pts

Personally, I have used the points I accumulated redeeming unlimited texting products such unli40 & unli 80.

Nokia Cellphones

NOKIA 2330 = 3175 pts
NOKIA 2220 = 3375 pts
NOKIA 5130XM = 5200 pts

Electronic Gadgets

DVD PLAYER = 5950 pts
WOW VIDEOKE = 6500 pts
IPOD NANO 4GB = 8150 pts
CANON DIGICAM = 8400 pts
NINTENDO DSI = 10425 pts
TV = 11125 pts

I wonder if there are those who have redeemed Nokia cellphones or electronic gadgets. That's thousand of points! Which might mean thousand pesos worth of prepaid load.

The list were obtained by sending ITEMS to 4438. To claim your reward, just text REDEEM[space] ITEM CODE to 4438. Example: REDEEM TV . Php 1/Text apply.

Globe's mobile subscribers in prepaid plans are rewarded for continuing to use their Globe sims and for continuing to reload.

How's your experience with Globe's promo? Please share them at the comments. :)


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