SUPERSURF50 - 1 Day Unlimited Internet Globe TATTOO Prepaid Broadband

A friend lent me her Globe Tattoo Prepaid Broadband plugit last Sunday wherein I tried loading SUPERSURF50.

SUPERSURF50 allows Globe Tattoo users to enjoy 24 hours or one day of unlimited broadband internet. All I did was typed in the keyword [SUPERSURF50] sent it to 8888, wait for the confirmation and enjoyed internet connection even though the confirmation message said that this service is good only until 8/31/2010.

Good thing I was able to load it immediately and connect immediately as well.

I was able to enjoy 24 hours or 1 day of unlimited internet connection. Although there are downtimes and several disconnections, I would say that it was good enough for my personal surfing and blogging. I was able to update 4 of my blogs. Factor in research and editing of my blog post. I would say the 50 pesos is worth it. It was just unfortunate that I loaded it late afternoon and did not connect while I was asleep.

I think there was some extension of this service but verify first to be sure. To enjoy one day unlimited internet connection using Globe Tattoo prepaid yourself, just use the Text tab of the Tattoo interface. Type SUPERSURF50 and then send it to 8888. A 5 peso load balance should be maintained to be able to use the service. A minimum of 55 peso worth of load is actually needed to enjoy this service.

It's just too bad that Loadxtreme does not offer a direct loading of this service.


genie lou ucat said...

it say's unlimited? but why if my surfing is more than 800mb i can't surf anymore? they said i can continue tomorrow because i am exceeding to 800mb? why your calling it unlimited when u can only surf 800mb a day???????????????????

Beverly Dawn said...

so true! am experiencing the same issue as well. haay globe

Atom said...

both ur ryt genie lou & beverly dawn..They says unlimited but there is limit up tp 800mb per day..that's a BIG QUESTION..(unlimited but limited)big ISSUE..globe must think it..and make it true unlimited, no limitations..cause we spend our own money in downloading..

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