Borrow 3 Texts from Globe with Globe Emergency Text Service

I received an adtext yesterday about Globe's Emergency Text Service.

Globe is testing a service that will allow prepaid cellphone Globe subscribers who have used up all their load to still be able to text/send messages to Globe/TM subscribers. And they are calling it Globe Emergency Text Service.

With this service, prepaid subscribers who have zero balance will still be able to text 3 times, although to Globe/TM subscribers only. That can be a way to ask family or friends to send you some load or just send an important message. Or in the case of loadxtreme technopreneurs (dealers)/ technousers (retailers) that may be enough to reload their own respective cellphones.

It is borrowing prepaid credits from Globe. Once the subscriber's reload, he/she will be charged Php 4.00.

The text I received also states that this emergency text service from Globe is for market test only. But in case you are a Globe subscriber who are out of prepaid credits right now, you might want to check out this text service.

Just text GTSOS to 3733.

It is nice but Globe should have allowed this service for subscribers to send the 3 texts to ALL networks. Also, the deducting of 4 pesos when you reload should have notifications.

It would be sad if this Globe Emergency Text Service will be the recurrence of "nakaw load".

ADDENDUM ( as of June 8, 2013)

I tried Globe's GTSOS service last May 30. I was glad that it worked. Also, when I loaded my globe sim a few days later, Globe sent a notification message informing me that their system has deducted the load I borrowed.

Thank you for using Emergency Text Service on 2013-05-30 18:35:25. P4 has been successfully deducted from your current load as of 03-Jun 02:35

I hope other Globe prepaid subscriber's can also avail of its Emergency Text Service in times of immediate need.


diana jane cervantes said...

Hi! Thank you for your blog. This is very informative and I'm thinking to borrow a globe load and try this service. I hope this will also work for me. :)

Riley Salvatore said...

how can i unsubscribe from this service?

Edah said...

I registered at 3733 for this emergency load service this morning. Globe replied accepting my registration for 3 texts to Globe numbers. But I've tried several times to Globe mobile numbers but I always get a MESSAGE SENDING FAILED. How come? This also happened to me some weeks ago. I was later charged P4.00 even if I wasn't able to send out any messages. I'm afraid this will be the same experience.

Meow Opre said...

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Salvs Beleo said...

halu, may ganto (load loan) rin ba ang Sun?

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