Globe Tattoo Super Stick Can Turn You into a Mobile Wi-fi Provider

The Globe Tattoo Super Stick is said to be the most powerful mobile broadband stick and surf with speeds of up to 3 mbps by an ad that I saw while watching the evening news today.

It sure did get my attention. And the idea of being able to share internet via the Globe Tattoo Super Stick to 5 other devices looks cool to me. Talkin' about personal wi-fi provider!

But unfortunately, it is not available in prepaid.

Globe Tattoo Super Stick
Globe Tattoo Super Stick
Taken from Globe Telecoms' website

The postpaid plan for this Globe stick is 1299 a month, allowing unlimited surfing of up to 3 mbps but a lock-in period of 24 months. Freebies when one avail this plan are 1 month FREE McAfee Antivirus Plus and 200 Free texts to Globe/TM monthly.

The prepaid equivalent of Globe Tattoo SuperStick is the Globe MyFi. The prepaid one offered by Globe costs Php 4000 and only up to 2 mbps. Surfing rate is Php 5 per 15 minutes which is also Php 20/hour, the prevailing rate of internet cafes.

I wonder what product is Smart Communications offering to match this one by Globe. Anyway, I am hoping that by year's end, the prices would drop for me to afford the prepaid Globe MyFi or the post-paid Globe Tattoo Super Stick.


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