Network Code Assignment of Mobile/Cellular Companies in the Philippines

I received an anonymous text message from a cellphone number 63912XXXXXXX, which led me to wonder what cellular company is using 0912 as its mobile/cellular network code.

I ended up researching and collating the assigned mobile/cellular network codes in the Philippines.

I collated these assigned cellular network codes to serve as my personal reference. In the past, I get confused which product to dispense because I do not know all of these cellular network code assignments.

Smart Communications is assigned the following network codes:

907 908
909 910
912 918
919 920
921 928
929 930
938 939
948 949
989 999

Globe Telecoms is assigned with the following network codes:

905 906
915 916
917 926
927 935
936 937
996 997

Sun Cellular is assigned with the following network codes:

922 923
932 933
942 943

Also, I think this would be a good help for those prepaid cellphone subscribers enrolled in unlimited texting/calling services. They can know if the one they are texting/calling is included in the unlimited service. Oftentimes, unlimited services are limited to same network texting or calling.

Wikipedia aided me in my research for these cellular network code assignment of mobile telcos in the Philippines.


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